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July 2018 Newsletter

President's Message

Eileen Nonemaker

Connecting the Dots

As I was preparing for the upcoming year and my first newsletter article, I looked back at what the Coastal Women’s Forum has meant to me over the past two years. I joined CWF when Jane’s theme, “Who Do You Know?” created an interaction during member minutes, giving us a chance to ask for help and seek connections for various clients, jobs, sources, etc.

Last year the 30th Anniversary and Sandy’s “Pearls of Wisdom” connected us to our earliest days, when the organization was founded and the core principles of Networking, Education and Encouragement were established. During our celebration we were able to connect with Charter members and Past Presidents who do not normally attend monthly meetings.

This past year several members used their member minute or dessert sponsor time to thank other members for holding them accountable or being an integral part in the start of their new business. They thanked those who connected with them and encouraged them throughout their growth process.

Notice my theme? CONNECTIONS

I believe that is those we connect with at dinners and lunches, and then at other events, or over coffee, that make CWF the vibrant organization is was in 1988 and still is today. There are friendships that develop between those who believe in the strength of women and the principles that CWF promotes.

When I ran this idea, Connections, by my sister, Valerie, who joined CWF this past year, she immediately said, “It’s Like Connecting the Dots!” I like the visual that created and, thanks, Val, I will be using “Connecting the Dots” throughout this next year!

Is there anyone who cannot remember the puzzles we did as a child? The puzzles became more difficult as we got older and the outlined figures we were creating less obvious. We had to pull back and see if we could visualize the final product before we went crazy drawing lines. Little did we know that these puzzles were designed to help our cognitive abilities and fine motor skills.

As adults the phrase “connecting the dots” can be used to illustrate the ability to draw logical inferences connecting items of information. It can also mean to understand the relationship between different ideas and experiences. When we connect the dots, we join the dots and put two and two together, linking events to see the full picture.

As we progress through our lives, there are times when it is not always obvious what our next steps will be or where our actions will lead us. We put together bits and pieces of information and just like in a puzzle we create a clearer picture of what to do and where we want to be. For many of us CWF has been a catalyst for these connections.

As you approach the next year in CWF, I hope you will embrace the new connections you will make, enjoy the new information you may gain and celebrate the successes you have achieved through connecting with those at Coastal Women’s Forum events.

Let’s also use our Member Minute to share how we connected the dots and how much we appreciate each other!

Enjoy your summer – see you on August 7th!



No events in July...



Your Governing Board for the 2018-2019 Term

Eileen Nonemaker, President

Lee McDonough, President Elect

Nelda Coats, Treasurer

Holli Quinn, Secretary

Susan Moffat-Thomas, Advisor

Georgiana Bowman Bircher, Lunch Program Chair

Joanna Carr, Lunch Meeting Coordinator

Elizabeth Wood, Dinner Program Chair

Judi Dorn, Dinner Meeting Coordinator

Cheryl Jukich, Web/Database Manager

Rose MacNeal, Membership

Diane Maniaci,  Membership

Jeanette Paschal, Newsletter

Kayla Schippert,  Social Media/Historian

Penny Zibula,  Publicity

Sandy Eichelberger,  Past President



...that the Bear Town Bear in front of City Hall was donated by the Coastal Womens Forum in 2010 during New Bern’s 300th Anniversary celebration? This Bear, at the intersection of Pollock and Craven Streets, is known as the Flag Bearer and was painted by Vicki Vitale. With the help of CWF and many other businesses, the goal of 52 Bears was reached for the 300th celebration. Our Bear has been dressed up and decorated for holidays and has been the object of many a photo op! Stop by and check him/her out.



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Summer Travel Talk Planned

Country Travel & Tours has moved to 233 Middle Street, Suite 109 in the O’Marks Building (just down the street in Historic Downtown New Bern). Please stop by to say hello!

We are hosting our summer Travel Talk on Thursday, July 19 from 11:30 am to 1 pm in the second floor Conference room in the O'Marks building.  Please join us to hear all about our 2019 and 2020 Group Tour Itineraries we have planned -- Ireland, France on a River Cruise, The Kentucky Derby, Holland on a River Cruise – Tulip Time, National Parks of the Southwest, Austria & Germany, see the Alaska Iditarod Race and so much more! Julie will also be speaking about using a Travel Agent vs Booking online in her series, “Let’s Talk.”

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New Bern Then & Now

You hear it often in New Bern: “that used to be….”  Captain Ratty’s used to be Duffy’s Drug Store.  First Citizens Bank sits where the Hotel Queen Anne used to be.  In the New Bern Historical Society’s free program “New Bern Then & Now,” Curator Jim Hodges will take you on a photographic journey down memory lane, revealing the past and present of dozens of New Bern landmarks.  Join us on June 27th at 6:30 pm at the Cullman Performance Hall, NC History Center.  No reservations are required for this free program, but early arrival is recommended.

Curator Jim has scoured the Society’s photo collection to share nearly 100 wonderful images from our past.  Some buildings have been carefully renovated and saved in their original condition; others have been saved and re-purposed, while sometimes they are simply lost.  In any case, you’ll be fascinated by these historic images.


The One Thing That Matters 

Whether you like to surf, boat, fish or just be out in the outdoors,  catching some rays along with the smell of salt air, just makes you feel better.  The sunshine does a lot for our moods (boosts serotonin), and raises important vitamin D levels. Too much sunlight is bad news…awful hot sunburns and possible skin cancer.  Protect yourself by planning ahead: 

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Martha Smith Massaad

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Enjoy Your Summer!  See you in August.


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