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October 2016 Newsletter

President's Message
Jane H. Maulucci

I'm Not Busy

Occasionally I’ll hear a somewhat snarky “Oh, you’re so busy...” and it makes me twitch. Since “busy” rhymes with “dizzy” just hearing the word brings up the vision of Lucy & Ethel in the chocolate factory where everything is totally out of control.  I prefer to think that I am not “busy” but involved and engaged in my life and community.

We’re all involved with our businesses, causes, and hobbies and have no reason to apologize for actively participating in the world. We are engaged with families and friends as well as our book clubs, gardens, and sports. These are wonderful and rewarding ways to be occupied.

But every now and then you’ll get that look and that comment that makes you hesitate for a moment on your conviction. Or you’ll look in the mirror one morning and think, “What the heck am I doing?” Some little voice will nag at you that your time could be better spent sitting on the couch watching a reality show rather than living your reality.

Don’t listen! Instead reflect on what you truly want to achieve. Maybe you are spinning your wheels and you need to adjust. If there is no positive return on the investment of your time and energy then take a step back and make better choices.

You want a full life; a life that is stuffed with joy and filled with love. You want to surgically select what you allow into your life so that you wake up every morning raring to go!

This month our theme is Organizing Mind & Matter. We have two speakers who will guide us to clarity. At dinner on October 4, Peggy Walker Barnes will direct us through our mental morass and give us the tools to focus on what is important.  Then at the luncheon, October 19, Tanya Roberts will provide tips and tricks to keep our stuff in order so that we can better control our physical environment.  

We are involved and engaged women. At this month’s meetings take a moment to ask your tablemates what they do in their “spare” time. Expect to hear a wide variety of activities that are interesting and rewarding. You may even find something that you’d like to become involved in; if you’re not too engaged!



October 4 Dinner at the Chelsea - Networking 5:30 - Dinner at 6 p.m.
Organizing Your Mind
Peggy Walker Barnes, Certified Professional Organizer & Life Coach.

Too many women are suffering from perfectionism, from comparison, from too much mental clutter, and from lies in their minds that are stealing their joy. Our days are so full and demanding that our minds have trouble keeping up. Almost everyone feels distracted, frenzied, overwhelmed, or disorganized at least some of the time. Join us and master organizer & life coach Peggy W. Barnes on October 4th as she shows us the way to navigate through our head to live a more organized and peace filled life.


October 19 Lunch at the NBG
&CC - Networking 11:30 - Lunch at noon
How to Structure your Chaos!
Tanya Roberts,
MSW, Certified Productive Environment Specialist
Owner and Chief Organizing Officer, Structured Chaos, LLC

Enjoy and learn with Tanya Roberts, of Structured Chaos as we explore how being unorganized, ditzy, slightly cluttered, or really drowning in “matter” effects our mental health and quite possibly our physical beings too.  Bring pen and paper, or whip out that electronic device and let’s take notes of the tips and tricks Tanya will share with us.  Our busiest time of year is right around the corner and she will help us create calmer surrounding.



Thank you to our October Dinner Dessert SponsorMarie Phillips at First Citizens Bank. Marie offers the experience and the products to find the best mortgage for buying, refinancing, building or renovating your home. Please call Marie Phillips at 252.637.8222 or email her at marie.phillilps@firstcitizens.com.


Thanks to Laurie Heart of Think Heart Solutions; she is our October Luncheon Dessert Sponsor. Contact Laurie today at 919.349.4455 or thinkhartsolutions@gmail.com and she'll work with you to grow your business together through engaging and effective social media.

You can be a Dessert Sponsor, too!  For just $30 you get a write up in the newsletter, a spotlight announcement at the event you sponsor, and our sincere thanks! Reservations for lunch and dinner dessert sponsors are being accepted starting October 1st for January through June.

If you wish to sponsor lunch or dinner dessert, please send an email request to  coastalwomensforumnb@gmail.com stating your preference of the month, as well as a brief one-liner about your business for the newsletter. Remember to also include your headshot or your company logo.  You may also offer a second month choice, however you may only reserve one slot on the calendar.



We have 7 new members since our last newsletter! Please welcome: Corinne Everett Belch, Dorothy High, Kimberly Landerthin, Kelly Langlie, Joyce O'Callahan, Katey Simmons, and Carter Ann Rollins. Remember to say hello when you see them at the next CWF event.

When you hop on the CWF website be sure to use your email and password that are connected with your membership account. If you jump on without logging in you may only be able to register as a Visitor. And if you register under an email that is not associated with your membership you will definitely have only the visitor option! So keep it simple, log on and then register.

RSVP PRONTO - please...
If you've ever had to make a dinner reservation for more than 6 people you should have some sympathy for our lunch and dinner coordinators, Elizabeth Wood and Jo Johnson. Each month they are setting up events with a minimum of 50 people and they must notify the sites with the exact numbers of attendees. That way they can have plenty of food, perfectly arranged seating, and wonderful staff to take care of us. Our deadline for registering is the MONDAY prior to the event. As a kindness to Elizabeth and Jo, please register early (and often) so that we can ensure our events are spectacular for everyone.

October is the month that separates the Members from the Visitors. Be sure to renew your membership now (just $40!) so that when you register for either dinner or lunch in October you'll get the Member's advantage. It also means that you can participate in the Who Do You Know Board, Member Announcements, and the Member's display table at our events, plus you'll retain access to the Member Directory.

Our new speaker gift is a lime green insulated reusable grocery bag with our full color updated logo on it (courtesy of Cheryl Jukich). We ordered extra and we'll have them available at the meetings. If you'd like one for your very own, without the need to be a featured CWF speaker, you can pony up $5 and take one home with you. You'll be announcing your CWF affiliation and you'll be the envy of everyone in the grocery store! 



Leann Wilson wants to know: Did your last workout do you in? Is your gardening work, working you over? Are people getting on your last nerve- all the time? Sounds like you need to be kneaded!

When you bring that stress or those aches and pains to River City Massage Wellness, you’ll walk away feeling better, mentally and physically.  With so much on our plates these days, it’s imperative that we take care of ourselves, first! 

At River City Massage Wellness, you’ll enjoy a friendly, comfortable massage experience that won’t break your wallet.  We charge one rate and you get the massage you need, period.  Through our Loyalty Rewards, every appointment builds your points toward a FREE massage.  Plus, it’s easy to book online from your computer or phone thanks to our mobile app!  We’re New Bern’s best massage value. River City Massage Wellness- discover what makes us different.


Joli Salon's New Hours
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Monday                     6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Thursday                   9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Friday                        9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday                    9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
701 US Hwy 70 East, New Bern, NC 28560
(252) 649-1777     www.jolisalon.us
Have you scheduled your appointment, yet?


Martha Vaughan asks: Energy – what happens to it?  We want it back so we can have a more fruitful day.  But how?  We think we are eating right and maybe we aren’t and I know getting exercise is sometimes  hard to commit to.  So we say want to improve but most of us need help!  Melaleuca The Wellness Company helps you support your health with EVERYDAY products.  It is important to not only know the ingredients, but the manufacturing process.  For a free healthy home consultation contact Martha  at 252.269.5171 or marthasv@saferforyourhome.com and GET YOUR ENERGY BACK by switching to safer for your home products!


Mary Ellen Crisp says: When we are introduced to products/companies we are not familiar with, there might be some skepticism.  When I first learned about Norwex, I was definitely skeptical.  However, I was equally intrigued.  I have learned so much.  Norwex cleans better.  Using only water, the Enviro Cloths remove 99% of bacteria from surfaces, as well as removing the accumulated residue of chemical cleaners, which actually attract more dirt to surfaces.   Norwex saves time.  The Norwex cleaning system has been proven to reduce cleaning time by 75% or more Norwex saves money!  The average household spends $450/year on chemical cleaners and supplies, so you are able to eliminate up to 90% of your cleaning costs!   And lastly, by choosing Norwex, you are helping to protect our world from the ever growing tragedy of pollution and toxic waste and will protect your family from the exposure to harmful chemicals. Learn more --  http://youtu.be/n0E1tkB3WJM


The children are back in school. It's time for you to RENEW YOURSELF! Mention this add and receive a FREE  PARAFFIN HAND TREATMENT when you purchase a One Hour Massage.

Elise A. Medenbach, LMBT Massage Therapy 252 474-6118
Glenburnie Professional Center
1425 South Glenburnie Road, Suite 6, New Bern, NC 28560
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My Travel Agent has negotiated special group prices for our friends and families. Join us February 11, 2017 on the Carnival Magic. Our adventure starts in Port Canaveral and goes on to Amber Cove, St Thomas, San Juan, and Grand Turk. Planning a Florida vacation? Think about adding this cruise before, during, or after... this is great way to escape the winter doldrums!  Call me at 638-4134 to email me at travelto@suddenlink.net . Deposit is due at time of booking, $250 per person.  Hope to see you on the Serenity Deck!

Anita English - My Travel Agent
travelto@suddenlink.net  252-638-4134


Dona Baker at Masterful Dog Training, Inc. is inviting all CWF sisters to come take an introductory lesson in her agility ring at Lynaire Kennels. "Agility" is a fun activity for dogs that need some mental and physical exercise and it becomes a special bonding time for you and your dog.  Dog's LOVE it! It's an obstacle course where dogs jump over, climb up, over and through obstacles, and run through tunnels for a fun workout.  Specific dates will be set up for small groups to come and try out some of the agility equipment.  This opportunity is first come/first served so email Dona at masterfuldogtrainer@gmail.com or call the office at 252-672-5933.


So many of us are really bad at "sales". I'm here to tell you that sales is no longer a dirty word. It can be made exciting. It also cost so much less than traditional marketing. Instead of cold calling, a drop-by gift with a quirky line, like "Your Referral is My Best Compliment" or "Just Popping By to see what's brewing" with some tea and cookies. They'll no longer dread seeing you. So how do you ensure your corporate gifting program and marketing plan keeps your brand in mind the morning after? And how do you maintain it beyond the morning after? Be Different, Brand yourself and sure your product is useful.For further information, Contact Brenda Singh, Gift Basket Villas, http://www.giftbasketvillas.com/  phone: 252 631 0007.


Comfortable and attractive office space available with other Health Care Professionals.  Perfect for professionals requiring quiet space on South Glenburnie in the Glenburnie Professional Center.For more details please call Elise Mendenbach at 252-474-6118
Elise A. Medenbach, LMBT Massage Therapy



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