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May 2018 Newsletter

President's Message

Sandy Eichelberger



I spent over 30 years working in Human Resources at various organizations. Throughout my journey I was fortunate enough to have several mentors who helped me navigate the corporate world, which turned out to be invaluable as I advanced my career.

Later, I had extremely talented people working for me. Luck had it that I was able to honor those who mentored me by passing it forward to the next generation of Human Resources Managers.

One of the skills I strongly encouraged them to develop was the ability to network, even though it might not always feel natural. I still remember the gnashing of teeth and the whining as my networking encouragement evolved into action goals (remember those performance evaluations?). I can still hear “I don’t want to,” “I am not comfortable doing this,” “I don’t have time” – all the way to “I hate this.”

I’m sharing this with you, so you will recognize that many people, including some of you reading this, experience the same reactions regarding networking. If you were at our 30th event, you heard Beth Wood speak of the initial apprehension she felt going to CWF meetings. And really, what is networking? It should be viewed less as an anxiety provoking activity and more as a, “Wow, I met a really interesting person at that meeting.”

Think about it. Haven’t we been networking since kindergarten? Our parents dropped us off to face a room full of people we didn’t know, and they were not coming back to pick us up for hours! We had to figure out how to negotiate getting toys we wanted or how to get in line at the playground. Along the way, we acquired some buddies, and we were only six years old.

Fast forward to now, we no longer need toys or a place in line at the playground. Now we need to grow our businesses, find the right people to support us in our endeavors, and discover friends who will stand beside us through all of life’s adventures. So, networking is about recognizing the skills we already have and making them work to accomplish our personal and professional goals.

If you were fortunate enough to join us for our March luncheon, you were able to experience the amazing results of networking first hand, not once but twice. First as Sally Pichette talked about everything it took to start her new business and how so many of her CWF sisters were part of that journey. Secondly, as we said goodbye to our friend Sarah Harrison, who is moving to Charleston. Sarah eloquently spoke to us about how much CWF meant to her as she went through some difficult personal times.

These two women epitomize what networking can do for you. So, when and if nervousness hits you as you walk into a CWF meeting, give some thought to “who will I meet today, within this large group of diverse women, who will answer a need I have”?  Put a smile on your face and in your heart, you never know what kind of connections and friends you might make on your next “playground.”



Tuesday, May 1  Dinner at the Chelsea  

Networking 5:30 pm Dinner 6:00 pm

Join us for dinner on May 1st. Sergeant Maria Bowen-Perry of the New Bern Police department will give us safety tips for women of all ages, including self-defense moves.  This will be an interactive presentation – you do not want to miss it!

Sgt. Bowen-Perry has served on the force for nearly three decades is a trail blazing mother of two. She was the first female K-9 handler and the first female sergeant in the department's forensic unit and is their only court qualified expert for fingerprint examination and crime scene processing.

Wednesday, May 16   Lunch at the NBG&CC

Networking 11:30 am  Lunch 12 noon

Colleen Roberts will join us in May to talk about the Value of Beauty & the Impact on Public Perception. Recently, the Elks Building downtown was wrapped in scenic New Bern images as a means of disguising the interior of the building and the fact that it is vacant. While we all “ooo-ed” and “ahh-ed” over the improvement, why is it important?  What’s the real value here? And why do we care?  Learn the art of “place-making” and it’s impact on community health & wellness, the economy, and our sustainability.   Join us for a springtime discussion during one of New Bern’s prettiest seasons! Rediscover the beauty of our town and find out why without beauty…nothing else matters.



Dinner Dessert Sponsor

Jane Maulucci, The Reactive Voice, delivers words that make cents! As a writer she can ignite your website copy, snag you some positive press, and take the bother out of your blog.  As a small business skills trainer, she'll show you how to lose the jitters and become a confident public speaker. Shoot her an email or text her at 860.508.1887

Lunch Dessert Sponsor

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WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! Our membership has grown by 2 this month! Be sure to say hello and give a warm welcome when you spot these ladies at our next meeting!

Cindy Patton

Lisa Rosindal


We have a Missed Meal Policy: We understand things happen, but unless you cancel your reservation by 12 noon on the Monday prior to the luncheon or dinner event, you still must pay for the meal you missed.  We would rather have you attend, but if you cannot, be sure to let us know by the deadline. It's not personal, its business.  Our advance guarantee obligations require this policy.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 


A huge thank you for everyone who attended our 30th Anniversary dinner on April 5th.  Our speaker, Beth Wood, CWF Charter Member and NC State Auditor did an excellent job inspiring our audience about her time in Coastal Women’s Forum.  During her talk, she spoke about the challenges she faced as the first women to be elected as the NC State Auditor.  She eloquently incorporated stories about her background (a native of Craven County), her days in CWF and her current position at the State Auditor.  Beth was an engaging story teller and after her talk, she entertained questions from our guests, allowing our guests to understand more of her challenges in State government.

Introducing Beth, was Leigh Wilkinson, CWF Charter Member and past president.  Leigh spent time talking about the beginning days of CWF and how a handful of woman came together to form a networking organization for professional woman.  She talked about how she and many stood on the shoulders of others.  CWF has been encouraging women since the inception of the organization and continues to do so now.

The Sun Journal was at the event and our event was on the front page of the Sun Journal on Saturday, April 7, 2018.  There are some excellent pictures from the event on their on-line version.  We will also be posting pictures on Facebook and on our CWF website. 

No event this size is possible without support and the challenging work of a committee. I would like to thank Eileen Nonemaker, Jane Maulucci, Lee McDonough, Rebecca Moorer, MaryAnn Jordan, Jeanette Paschal, Susan Pittman, Kayla Schippert and Penny Zibula.  And a special thanks to Beth Cooper, who assisted our decorators.

To put on an event of this size certainly requires additional funding, and the support of our members who signed up to be sponsors was outstanding!  Please see the article regarding our sponsors.

Also, thanks should go to Patrick Dill, the servers and chef of New Bern Golf and Country Club.  NBGCC always does a superb job of providing us with excellent service, food and a beautiful setting.  They went above and beyond on April 5th.

Additionally, we had excellent vendors helping to make our event a success.  The vendors for this event included:

Gayle Albertini, GayleForce Design (Marketing support) 252-349-4996

Thea Kincaid, Thea’s Ideas (Blankets) 252-671-1965

Zaneta Pidalla, Z. Pidalla Productions (Photographer) 252-622-0406

Alphagraphics (Printing) 252-633-3199, 3731 Trent Road

Connie Harbby, Bespoke Custom Florals (Florist) 244A Craven Street, 252-514-2885

New Bern Sporting Goods (Name Badges, Alex or Jennifer) 252-638-1136

One Last Thank You to Our Sponsors

CWF’s 30th anniversary dinner is now a warm and precious memory, but the legacy created in 1988 by our charter members will live on.

The overwhelming success of our event came about through the efforts of our membership, our Committee and Board, our speaker, NC State Auditor and CWF charter member, Beth Wood and our sponsors. Thanks to their generosity and support, we were able to put on an elegant and meaningful event that reflected the heart and soul of our organization. The sponsors listed below made it possible to celebrate CWF’s three decades of supporting New Bern area women, and to do so under budget and in excess of expectations.

In her powerful speech, Beth Wood took us back to 1988. She described her feelings of intimidation and how networking with, and learning from her CWF sisters helped set Beth on the path to her destiny in Raleigh, At the same time, she was also describing the feelings and experiences of many CWF members throughout the last three decades.

CWF is the same organization it was in 1988, only bigger, stronger and more determined than ever to hold to our principles of networking, education and encouragement.

Sandy Eichelberger - Acupuncture in New Bern

Joanna Carr - Edward Jones Investment

Gayle Albertini - Gayleforce Design

Anita English - My Travel Agent

Georgiana Bowman-Bircher - Edward Jones Investment

Jane Maulucci - The Reactive Voice

Cindy Burrows - MERCI Clinic

Jeanette Paschal - Sound Meetings & Event Management

Lee Chaix McDonough - Caravel Coaching

Thea Kincaid - Thea's Ideas

Julie Mincey - Country Travel and Tours

Sally Pichette - Croakertown Coffee Company

Kelly Michaud - Solid Rock Accounting Services

Leigh Wilkinson - Ward and Smith PA

Virginia Spencer - Carolina Creations

Sandi Sanderson - Neuromuscular Disease Support Organization 

MaryAnn Jordan - Bear Essentials

Leann Wilson - River City Massage Wellness

Diane Maniaci - RE/MAX Southwinds

Cheryl Jukich - cabi Fashion Stylist

Vicki Davis - cabi Fashion Stylist

Jeanne Crockett - Crockett's Critter Care

Kayla Schippert - GO Architectural Design, PLLC

Sarah Afflerbach - GO Architectural Design, PLLC

Danelle Brinkley - First Citizens Bank

Eileen Nonemaker - Paradigm Associates

Beth Atkins - Howard Stallings From & Hutson, P.A.

Nelda Coats - Resource Financial Services

Joyce O'Callahan - Ghosts of New Bern Walking Tours

Judi Dorn 

Penny Zibula - SixLegsWillTravel

Carrie Gallagher

Kathy Richey - Keller Williams Realty

Telly Ipock - Linear Tech, LLC

Carter Ann Rollins - Past President

Lois Flemming - Flemming Chiropractic

Melissa Lavallee - Creative Kitchen and Bath

Susan Moffat-Thomas - Charter Member

Andrea Tolmich - Harmonium Players

Claudia Houston - Creative Memories & FOREVER

Susan Pittman - Retired Educator

Kate Moore - Cleaning by Kate

Marie Phillips - First Citizens Bank

Annual Meeting / Hat Social

Join us June 7th for the CWF's annual business meeting.  We will present our annual report and elect the new slate of officers for the 2018-2019 term.  

Let's keep celebrating our roots – our 1988 founding!  This year's annual Hat Social theme is, "Totally Awesome 80's." This means you get to share your best 1980s looks. Surely you haven't discarded your Members Only, neon or leg-warmers and you still have the ability to tease your hair to all-new heights!

Here are the categories:

Most Glow Hat (It's simply the brightest hat.  Think neon, ladies.)

Fuzziest Hat (Think leg-warmers)

Biggest Hair Hat (Truly think big hair, bows, and side ponytails – who can still gain great heights with their hair)

Like, I Can't Believe I Totally Wore This (And I still have it) – Careful we will know you are a hoarder or at least need to clean out your closets) 

Members Only (Best overall 80s-styled hat)

Remember the June 7th Hat Social is FREE for members in good standing, $27 for all visitors and guests and it will be at the New Bern Golf and Country Club... Get your materials ready, girls (Think Madonna and you'll likely hear an 80s tune now). See you at the Hat Social!



A New Adventure

Farewell! After nearly 7 years in North Carolina and the end of a military career our southern roots are calling my husband, Zach, and I home. Words cannot even begin to express how much I will miss New Bern and especially Coastal Women's Forum. From this organization I have made amazing professional contacts but even better -- many women who've become aunts and dearest friends. Thank you for your encouragement, mentoring and friendship. 

Now come visit me in Savannah, y'all! 

Becca Moorer


Happy Mother's Day from the Reflexology & Rejuvenation Team

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Spring has Sprung

Spring is a season of rebirth. No matter how tough things get you can always get that second chance. Enjoy this beautiful season and watch how nature fights after a cold winter. Hope to see you soon!  Happy Spring!

Elise A. Medenbach,
LMBT Massage Therapy
Glenburnie Professional Center
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Spring  Reboot

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Telly Ipock is an expert in website development and Search Engine Optimization. She will work with you to create a new site or rejuvenate your existing site, plus show you how to bring up your internet search ranking.  Email her  or call 252-571-3456 today for your free website review.


It's Our Community

Craven County Clean Sweep sponsors four annual clean up events on the first Saturdays of February, May, August and October to help keep New Bern streets and waterways free of litter.  The upcoming one will be Saturday, May 5th, but if that day is not convenient, you can choose another day that fits your schedule!

It’s your choice to help out in any of these ways: by walking along the streets in your own neighborhood; by using your boat to clean up a waterway; by meeting with others at Lawson Creek Park on that Saturday at 9AM to be assigned a spot or by simply picking any other “trashy” area that’s been bothering you.  The amount of time you spend on this is totally up to you – it can be 15 minutes or a few hours.  Bags will be provided.  The bags will, also, be picked up where you leave them so you do not have to carry them to another spot!  For more information, call 633-1477.


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Time to Escape

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Jeanne Crockett’s team is bonded and insured which means you are hiring a trained professional to care for your beloved pet whether furry, feathered, or finned. For Fear Free professional pet sitting and dog walking go to crockettscrittercare.com, contact Jeanne by email , or call her at 252.635.2655.


Support CWF Sisters

The outdoor event is held at the Harbour Pointe Golf Club pavilion. Several Coastal Women’s Forum members will have booths at the Showcase.  Coastal Women’s Forum members and their families are invited to come see “A Place Where Ideas are Born and Connections are Made.” There will be light refreshments, door prizes, raffles, classic cars, family activities and live entertainment. The Spring Showcase is the CBC's event specifically designed to build awareness of businesses in Fairfield Harbour. A great opportunity to meet the business owners. Please come out and support these CWF Sisters. The event is FREE.

Anita English, 
My Travel Agent 
travelto@suddenlink.net  252-638-4134 www.mytravelagentinc.com 


Travel Talks For May

Guest speaker: Matt Greenwaldt, Mayflower Tours

May 18, 2018 4-6 p.m.

New Bern History Center - 529 S Front St, New Bern - Orientation Theater - 1st fl

Matt will speak about exciting itineraries Mayflower Tours has put together for us. They include the Pyramids in Egypt (2018), Winter in Yosemite, and Classic Italy by rail (2019), Oberammergau Austria/Germany Passion Play (2020).

Light refreshments will be served.

RSVP Deadline May 17 , 2018  (Free to attend, but must RSVP)

RSVP to rose@countrytraveltours.com



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