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August is the beginning of CWF's  30th anniversary year.  Join us for dinner on August 1 and lunch on August 16 as we begin a new year of networking opportunities.

August 2017 Newsletter

President's Message

Sandy Eichelberger

Learning From Nature

What better way to spend a sultry summer afternoon than sipping ice tea and relaxing on the deck with friends, watching vines with their tendrils attaching themselves to railings and other plants.  Those small vines know they need the support of those plants and railings to help them survive and flourish.  The simplicity and beauty of this message from nature applies to all of us. We need the help and support of others in order to grow.

It often takes courage to reach out for assistance. Sometimes we look to a close friend who is always there to offer the exact amount of wisdom and strength we need.  Sometimes we reach out to an experienced professional in a particular field who can give us sound advice and encouragement.  How wise those ever-reaching little vines are!.

So what does your CWF membership mean to you? Is it a social evening or afternoon out? Is it the speakers who bring their knowledge and experiences to our membership? Or like the little vine, do we need to reach out for support to help us grow?

We are a group of diverse, talented women with many abilities to help support and mentor other members.  Do we have the strength to reach out?   If not, why not?  Do we ever ask ourselves what’s keeping “our tendrils” from reaching out for the strength to grow?

Your CWF Board is dedicated to making sure that your membership works for you, and your membership works best if you reach out to your Board and your CWF sisters.  If you feel a little lost when you first enter the room at any of our events, look for a Board member - easily identifiable by the ribbons on our badges - and introduce yourself to us. Our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable. We’ll help you ease into a conversation with other members. Once you’ve achieved a level of comfort, you will have the confidence to reach out for the information and support you need. This is how we all get the most out of our membership.

We hope you will join us for our dinner meeting at The Chelsea on August 1st and lunch at the New Bern Golf and Country Club on August 16th.  Welcome back your sisters and hear more about our plans for our 30th Anniversary.



As we start our new year in August, the dinner and lunch meetings will kick off the celebration of our 30th year. In lieu of speakers attendees will be offered some fun "networking" ideas and refreshers. Bring along your favorite networking success story!

August 1 Dinner at the Chelsea   Networking 5:30  Dinner 6 p.m.

Join us for August dinner and watch your board members in action.  Our CWF board members will be acting out networking do's and don't.You are sure to pick up a new tip or two on networking so mark your calendar and join us!


August 16  Lunch at the NBG&CC  Networking 11:30  Lunch 12

Come to the CWF August lunch when you will have your "brain teased" while making new friends.  Learn more about the upcoming programs for 2017-2018 and our special 30th anniversary celebration. Remember to reserve your spot. We can't wait to see you!



Dinner Dessert Sponsor:

Penny Zibula of Two Write Hands is our Dinner Dessert Sponsor. Penny is a freelance travel writer and blogger.  Keep up with Penny on her blog, Six Legs Will Travel.  She has exciting plans for a trip to Israel in Spring 2018.  Read more about the trip in the member news section of this newsletter.


Lunch Dessert Sponsor:

Let's give a thank you to Leann Wilson of River City Massage for being our Luncheon Dessert Sponsor.  The mission of River City Massage is to provide professional, affordable and effective massage that ministers to the body, mind and spirit of our clients. To schedule a massage book online or call 252-636-2661 for an appointment.

Dessert Sponsorship Available

You can be a Dessert Sponsor, too!  For just $30 you and your organization get a thank you in the event invitation, a spotlight announcement at the event you sponsor, and our sincere thanks! Reservations for lunch and dinner dessert sponsors are now being accepted.

Send your email request to coastalwomensforumnb@gmail.com  stating your preference of the month, and lunch or dinner, as well as a brief one-liner about your business for the newsletter. Remember to also include your headshot or your company logo. You may also offer a second month choice, however you may only reserve one slot on the calendar.  



It's time to renew your membership ahead of our 2017-2018 kickoff meeting on August 1st. Why renew your CWF membership? You don't want to miss the non-stop celebration of our 30th anniversary! We have educational & dynamic speakers, more opportunities to expand your network and encouragement from women who have been there, done that! 

Annual membership is $40 and includes discounted meal rates at meetings, a FREE booth at our Trade Share event in the spring, FREE to attend our Hat Social and unlimited access to the CWF online directory! 



Tour Israel

Six Legs Will Travel, Penny Zibula’s travel blog, is going live. with a one-of-a-kind eclectic tour of Israel, March 17-March 28, 2018.

The enigmatic land of Israel is home to some of the most Holy sites to three major religions, ancient cities and towns, museums displaying some of the oldest artifacts in the world and a rich history dating back to biblical times. It is also home to vineyards in the desert, Byzantine ruins, a mammoth crater, micro-breweries and many other facets that comprise the jewel known as Israel.

Your trip planners Penny Zibula, a freelance travel writer and blogger and Simon Lock a travel photographer and editor along with High Country Travel and Tours are committed to creating a tour to Israel promising experiences unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

For more information, contact, Penny Zibula at penny@sixlegswilltravel.com, or call 252-876-3811.


Pitch-in and Help

Craven County Clean Sweep sponsors four annual clean up events on the first Saturdays of February, May, August and October to help keep New Bern streets and waterways free of litter.  The upcoming one will be Saturday, August 5th, but if that day is not convenient, you can choose another day that fits your schedule!

It’s your choice to help out in any of these ways: by walking along the streets in your own neighborhood; using your boat on the waterway; meeting others at Lawson Creek Park on Saturday at 9 AM to be assigned a spot.  The amount of time you spend on this is totally up to you – it can be 15 minutes or a few hours.  Bags will be provided.  The bags will, also, be picked up where you leave them so you do not have to carry them to another spot!  For more information, contact Judi Lloyd or call 633-1477.


Bookkeeping Help Available

It is already July and this means that 2017 is half over! This is a great time to make sure your finances are reconciled, take time to evaluate where your business is, and set goals for where you want to finish 2017. Have you filed all your receipts, invoices, and taxes as required? If not, consider a consultation with Solid Rock Accounting Services. We provide help with your accounting needs and you can be assured you have met your guidelines and your goals. Then, you can start 2018 even stronger! Call today:252-675-5414 or visit www.solidrockaccounting.com


Increase Your Productivity

August is a great time of year! Summer is well underway and yet we know fall is just around the corner. Children head back to school and we can reclaim some of our lives. It is a great time to assess our productivity needs too. Are you accomplishing all you want in the way you want? Check out this article: #TECHTIPTUESDAY: 3 THINGS AUGUST TAUGHT ME ABOUT PRODUCTIVITY (TECHNICALLY SPEAKING™)

Let me know what you think and what questions you have: tanya@structuredchaos.biz or (252) 665-3424. I’m here to help you increase your productivity and improve your business success through virtual business support. Check out Structured Chaos today: www.structuredchaos.biz and get your mess in order!


Get Your Pet Immunized

August is National Immunization Awareness Month. This is a great time to remember that your pets need to be protected, just like us. Ask your veterinarian if he/she is following the latest vaccine protocols and if your pet is still at risk of the canine flu in our area. Crockett's Critter Care is concerned with your pet's physical and emotional well-being, and we believe that a pet's vaccine history should be current. This information is recorded on our intake forms. Our animals need us to take care of them and this is a simple thing to do for them and for us. Contact Crockett’s Critter Care: www.crockettscrittercare.com or (252) 259-8089 for your pet sitting or dog walking needs.


Legal Help for Your College Student

Don't send your child  to college without  protection!  A question about an apartment lease; a traffic ticket; cell phone or any contract?  Parents will have peace of mind knowing that their child has an attorney in every state to help them with legal issues.  Questions or to enroll, contact Karen Monroe, Independent Associate   at 757.343.4312, karmon210@gmail.com or Karenmonroe.legalshieldassociate.com



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