November 2018 Newsletter

  • 21 Oct 2018 2:39 PM
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    "A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles."  Vicki Becker, Author

    November 2018 Newsletter

    President's Message

    Eileen Nonemaker 

    A Time to be Grateful. A Time to Show Gratitude.

    As I was thinking about my November article a month or so ago, I was planning to discuss the topic of being grateful, as November always brings to mind the Thanksgiving Holiday. We all know that the origin of the holiday was the Pilgrims giving thanks for all they had here in America, sharing in the bounty of the land. Traditionally it is a family holiday with lots of the customary foods and desserts associated with Autumn and the original celebration.

    Since the middle of this past September and the disaster named Florence, many of us may feel that these words have a different, if not more emotional meaning than previously.

    There are many grateful to have their homes intact, many grateful for a warm meal and a hot shower, and many grateful for a temporary place to live while they rebuild. Many are grateful to be alive as they still seek adequate shelter for their family and pets and financial aid to start again. And there are many who may not feel grateful at all – but broken and depressed.

    But whether we feel grateful for our present situation or not, we can be aware of feeling gratitude.

    According to Wikipedia “Gratitudethankfulnessthanksgiving[1], or gratefulness, from the Latin word gratus ‘pleasing, thankful’,[2] is a feeling of appreciation felt by and/or similar positive response shown by the recipient of kindness, gifts, help, favors, or other types of generosity, towards the giver of such gifts.”

    For me I feel gratitude to friends all over the country reaching out after seeing photos of New Bern on the national news. It was the gift of their caring that was important. For others it was a place to stay during the storm or a place to live afterwards. We feel gratitude to the first responders and those who rescued others who could not escape the rising water.

    New Bern is a town with wonderful non-profits and religious organizations and the people who are a part of them. We feel gratitude to those who have donated their time, food, clothing, furniture and emotional support to those who have lost so much.

    We feel gratitude for a hug from someone we haven’t seen for a while, one who understands what we have been through, or who has been through more and is showing us gratitude for being there for them.

    For many it will be a different kind of Thanksgiving this year. I am hopeful that for most of us, we can be grateful for what we do have, for those who are part of our lives, and the anticipation of better times.

    At Coastal Women’s Forum we can show gratitude to each other for the sisterhood and encouragement we share. I look forward to seeing you all again, as we resume our dinners and luncheons and look forward to seeing lots of smiles and maybe even some hugs!



    Tuesday, November 6 at 5:30 p.m.   Dinner at the Chelsea  

    The Mind Body Connection 

    Leann Wilson, River City Massage, will illustrate the mechanics of our bodies and how the muscles work together.

    She will show us how the muscles are all connected and show that when we are not connected with our bodies, it directly reflects everything else in our lives. She will share her observations and demonstrate how connecting the dots to learn what we are doing to our bodies, impacts how we feel.  Making small changes can make a big difference in our overall well-being.

    Wednesday, November 21 at 11:30 a.m. Lunch at the NBG&CC

    Showing Gratitude in November at our Luncheon

    Join us as we show our gratitude to those who came from across the United States to help us recover from Hurricane Florence. While the storm brought much havoc, Hurricane Florence has also connected us with many valuable organizations and individuals with servants' hearts; she has helped us make many new friends.

    We have chosen to use our November luncheon to share our gratitude with those who have come to our community to help us recover by hosting individuals from a variety of the many organizations who have come to New Bern. After all, it will be the day before Thanksgiving. Each organization represented will be given an honorary member minute (or two) to share their missions with us.

    Individual members of the board of directors have stepped forward to sponsor a representative's lunch. If you would like to sponsor a lunch at the member price for one of these giving individuals, then please contact Georgiana at  If there is an organization you wish to ensure is represented, then please email Georgiana, whether you are able to sponsor the lunch or not.



    Dinner Dessert Sponsor

    Jane Maulucci strengthens your business voice through Trained By Jane. Her mission is training solopreneurs and micro-business owners to confidently look and sound like Fortune 500 corporations. Her workshops focus on building presentation skills, mastering content development, and practicing fearless sales protocols. Coming out this fall is her new book: “You Can Make a Living at That? – The complete guide to thinking big for your small business.” 

    Contact her at: or 252-631-9601.

    Lunch Dessert Sponsor

    It can be a sweet meeting, though ... Specializing in the development, implementation, and evaluation of executive meetings, conferences, and educational programming, Sound Meetings & Event Management offers clients capable operational support to insure an event's success.  

    Contact Jeanette Paschal at     Mmmm … cake!




    "Miss Julia" Hart, RE/MAX Homestead

    Michele Mnatzakanian, Hye Massage


    WE'LL MISS YOU BUT... we have a Missed Meal Policy: Be sure to cancel your reservation by 12 noon on the Monday prior to the luncheon or dinner event, or you must pay for the meal you missed (this is due to our advanced guarantee obligations). We would rather have you attend, but if you can't, be sure to let us know by the deadline. It's not personal, it's business.



    Nonprofit Retreats

    Do you manage a local or regional nonprofit?  Are you the Chair or President of a nonprofit?

    Being a mission-driven organization is a challenge.  With our recent upheaval following Hurricane Florence, many NC nonprofits will struggle to regain their momentum, engage funders and deliver their programs.  The immediate demands of rebuilding make it difficult to step-back and develop a retreat or annual planning session.  But as nonprofit leaders know, planning for the future, even the next six to twelve months is needed. This is true now, more than ever! 

    Bring in an experienced nonprofit executive to structure a retreat and guide your Board and Staff through thoughtful and productive discussion.  Interested?  Give me a call or send me a note – I’m here to help.  Carrie Gallagher, 443.377.2027 or


    Holiday Happenings

    Company is coming or you’re planning to travel for the holidays. Either way, your pets’ routine is upended and they can be miserable while you’re celebrating.  Whether you are home for the holidays or hitting the road, Jeanne Crockett’s team of professional pet sitters can keep your pets on track while you are otherwise occupied.

    Crockett’s Critter Care will provide the exercise and interaction your pet craves in 30, 45, or 60 minute segments. You can wrestle with the turkey or your suitcases knowing that Rex and Fluffy are getting the attention they need and deserve. A happy pet equals a happy home! 

    Jeanne Crockett’s team is bonded and insured which means you are hiring trained professionals to care for your beloved pet whether furry, feathered, or finned. For Fear Free professional pet sitting and dog walking go to, contact Jeanne by email , or call her at 252.635.2655.


    Bringing back the smiles

    Let’s bring the crowds back downtown and continue a sweet new tradition!  That’s the goal of the Historical Society’s 2nd Annual Beary Merry Christmas Gingerbread Contest & Display.  Last year dozens of colorful and creative gingerbread houses decorated downtown merchant windows, transporting us back to nostalgic days of Necco wafers, gumdrops and lollipops. 

    Novice or pro, individual or group, adult or youth — everyone is invited to enter.  This year's theme: "Historic New Bern Christmas."  Cash prizes and gift baskets will be awarded in five categories -- Adult, Youth, Business/Professional, and - new this year - Best Reflection of Theme and Peoples' Choice Awards!  

    For information and entry forms, go to, call 638-8558, or join our Facebook Group Gingerbread New Bern.


    Become a Savvy International Traveler

    This fall, Craven Community College Adult Enrichment Program is offering “An Introduction to International Travel”, a new course to help you make the most of your overseas adventures. Whether you’re interested in exploring far away places, a novice traveler looking for a way to take those first steps toward your trip, or an international traveler wanting to get more out of your future journeys, this course is for you.

    In this three week program you will learn:

    • What documents you will need and where to get them
    • How to find the best travel deals
    • How to find accessible accommodations and what rights you have in foreign countries as a person with a disability
    • How to pack like a pro
    • Preparing for and handling health concerns while traveling

    And much more.

    For more information or to register, visit


    Cold Days - Warm Hearts

    The 24th Annual Coats for Kids drive will begin on November 1 and run through December 202018. 

    Donations of new coats will be accepted at the office of Flemming Chiropractic, 3601 Trent Road, in New Bern.  The coats can be any size, but must be NEW with price tag attached.  Donations are distributed to local foster children by the Craven County Department of Social Services.

    For additional information, please call 252-638-6062.


    Your Legal Eagle

    Smart, simple legal coverage starts here!

    Protect your family, your business, and your personal identity with simple, comprehensive coverage from LegalShield and IDShield. 

    Call me to discuss your concerns and how we can help.  Karen Monroe, Independent Associate  cell:  757.343.4312




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CWF Newsletters

“Nothing happens until someone sells something.”

~Attributed to Henry Ford

President's Message

Nelda Coats

Charting a New Course!

Like it or not, no matter what your title is, you’re selling something. Some of us are literally selling services or goods. Others may be promoting a non-profit and encouraging people to donate or volunteer. No matter what your role is within an organization, good customer service is vital to keep people coming back. An essential part of growing a business or non-profit is attracting new customers, volunteers and donors. The first word in Coastal Women’s Forum’s tagline is “Networking”. Whether you joined CWF to specifically find new customers or just to meet new women, networking describes how this is done.

I have belonged to many networking organizations during my career – from loose groups who met for breakfast once a month to more formal weekly networking groups such as BNI (Business Networking International). With formal groups, there is a stated structure and exact procedures to follow to get to know other members of the group and to provide referrals to each other. Referrals given and received are tracked, tallied and reported on. While this is not emphasized within CWF, I think we can learn some lessons from these groups on how to network.

First and foremost, we all are a center of influence. We have friends, families, and co-workers that we interact with daily. When we are asked for advice or recommendations for service, who do we recommend? Generally, someone whose service we have used or someone we know who performs that service. As members of Coastal Women’s Forum, we have at our fingertips over 120 women who are resources for many goods and services and represent non-profit organizations. Aside from just checking the directory, how do we confidently recommend our sisters?

There’s another old saying in sales that folks have to “know you, like you and trust you.” And it begins with “know you.” I would like to encourage you to get to know your fellow members in CWF beyond sitting together at our daytime and evening meetings. In BNI we were expected to participate in “one-on-one’s”. These were meetings outside the group meetings between two members. We even had suggested questions to ask each other to facilitate learning all about each other and our businesses. What could happen if you made a commitment to ask one person to coffee that you met at CWF? What if you met with one person a month? At the least you’d learn more about each other, you might even gain some new business, or even better, you may make a new friend.

In January, our program coordinators have designed our meetings around Getting to Know You so that you will have an opportunity to learn more about your CWF sisters. Besides being a lot of fun, we’ll learn more about each other and I encourage you to be on the lookout for someone that you just might want to get to know a bit better!

Let’s have coffee,

Upcoming Events


As Coastal Women’s Forum continues Charting a New Course, we’ll start the new year by getting to know our sister travelers!

Coastal Women’s Forum will celebrate 2022 with Getting to Know You networking programs in January. We have welcomed several new members this program year and many of our members have embarked on new paths since they joined the Forum. The January daytime and evening meetings will feature different networking activities and provide the opportunity to get to know our Coastal Women’s Forum sisters a little better. 

Please plan to join in these fun celebrations. The meetings will also be great opportunities to welcome guests and introduce them to our wonderful Coastal Women’s Forum sisters! We look forward to seeing you in January for the beginning of a great 2022!

Dessert Sponsors

"Miss Julia' Hart

RE/MAX Homestead



Thank you to our January Evening Meeting Dessert Sponsor, "Miss Julia" Hart, of RE/MAX Homestead.



Thank you to our January Daytime Meeting Dessert Sponsor, Georgiana Bowman Bircher, of Edward Jones!

Georgiana Bowman Bircher

Edward Jones

Updated Meal Cancellation Policy 

  • If you made a reservation and cannot attend, please CANCEL your reservation for either evening or daytime meetings.
  • Cancellations for monthly evening meetings should be no later than noon on the Sunday before the evening meeting. Email
  • Cancellations for monthly daytime meetings should be made no later than noon on the Monday before the lunch meeting. Email
  • If cancellations are not received by these deadlines, you will be responsible to cover the cost of your meal.
  • Please note the difference in emails.
  • While masks are not required, their use is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

Thank you, all!


Welcome New Members:

Shannon Adcock - United Bank

Anne Griggs - The French Bee Events

Christina Howerin - Farmasi & Park Lane Jewelry

Eileen Paxton

Margaret Pollock - Christ Church, New Bern

Member News


Wishing you a Winter Wonderland this Christmas Season!

All the Best,

Elise A. Medenbach, LMBT #327 Massage Therapy

Tyson Professional Center

1425 South Glenburnie Road, Suite 6

New Bern, NC 28560

252 474-6118

Martha Smith Massaad

Become healthier with your product choices for your home & body. When you take care of YOU; it helps the environment. When you help the environment; it helps YOU.

Find out about ingredients....some are really bad. I help busy professionals become more responsible for their self-care and health by teaching them about their lifestyle choices and the impact it has on their health. The bonus is when you transform your health, you become more people and planet friendly.

Call Martha at 252.269.5171 for a no obligation review of your pantry, bathroom and kitchen products.

There is one thing that matters & that is YOUR health"

Saha - to your health

Martha Smith Massaad 


Local Authors and Books

  • Nada Behr (Children) - We Want a Dog
  • Kim Rice Smith (Christian Literature) - The Heart of a Warrior
  • A.J. Clements (Historical Fiction) - Avonvale
  • Kyre Smith (Personal Development) - Unpopular Beliefs: Everyday Issues
  • Mellanie Crouell (Neo Soul) - 25 Days of Roses
  • Stanley Trice ( Young Adult Sci-Fi) - High School Rocket Science
  • Les Pendleton (Fiction) - The Bridges at Union Point
  • Todd Wetherington (Short Stories) - Savages
  • John Scirica (Murder/Thriller/ESP) - Deadly Dreams
  • Candace Williams (Japanese Historical) - The Earthquake Doll

Have lunch with an author!

Learn about their book as they speak for a few minutes. Autographed copies of the books will be available for purchase.

Proceeds to benefit STEM Scholarships at Craven Community College.

Local Authors Luncheon


January 15, 2022,

at 11:30 AM


The Chelsea Restaurant

sponsored by:

$30 ticket

($12 tax deductible)

Tickets available at the Next Chapter Book & Art Store (Downtown New Bern) or by calling (252) 637-9499 or (252) 633-1931.


Remember to submit your 150 word blurb to along with a jpeg or png image by the 10th of the month for the next newsletter.

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