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June is just around the corner, and so is CWF's Annual Hat Social!

Tuesday, June 4th at 5:30pm.  Registration is open!

The Coastal Women's Forum has been bringing women together for Networking, Education, and Encouragement since 1988. Your membership connects you to a diverse group of women with lots to offer you personally and professionally. 



Coastal Women's Forum is an organization that provides women with business, professional, and personal networking opportunities. With monthly meetings offering dinner or lunch venues, we can accommodate busy schedules.

Dinner and lunch programs offer a variety of speakers on local and regional interests. We promote self-development through our programs, presentations and discussions on both business and personal related topics.

CWF Members are women who own businesses, or are following careers in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Other members are blissfully enjoying retirement or raising families. Some are new to New Bern and are seeking ways to establish themselves within the community. They are all energetically involved in pursuing their personal passions and often committed volunteers for the benefit of the community.

CWF hosts both daytime and evening meetings every month. In addition, we host our own TradeShare and our Year End Hat Social.

Registration is required for all of our events and we offer online payments by secured credit card processing.



  "When I joined, I had recently taken a position with a regional mortgage company. I was responsible for my own leads and I wanted to get more plugged in to the New Bern Community. While I have received new business directly from my association with CWF, the benefits I have received are for more intangible but no less meaningful for me."

"When I moved to New Bern, I knew that I wanted to finally get involved with my community. I joined CWF in 2019, not knowing anyone. I was the type of person who liked to "blend in with the wallpaper." With the support and the friendship that I have made, I have come out of my shell, and I am so happy that I took the chance on this organization."

"I joined to expand my professional network, which I did do, but an even better bonus was the good friends I made."


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Mailing Address Only:
Coastal Women's Forum
PO Box 15392
New Bern, NC 28561

Coastal Women's Forum is a non-profit organization.

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