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Kelly Michaud, President



Monthly Message

As we enter into a new season, it feels like there is also a new energy in the air at Coastal Women’s Forum. As I write this message, we have now completed our first four meetings, and honestly, the thought that is capturing my heart is how humbling it is to serve as president of this amazing organization full of dynamic women.  

Our attendance at the meetings has brought us back to pre-COVID numbers for the first time since 2020. This would not have been possible without the resiliency and incredible efforts of our past presidents Lee Chaix McDonough (2019-2020), Rose McNeal (2020-2021) and Nelda Coats (2021-2022). 

The CWF Board of Directors that serves each of you, and who I have the privilege to serve with, are such a talented and committed group of women. They have been and continue to be willing to make decisions that challenge each of us as individuals and as an organization to be all we can be. It is humbling to walk this year with each of them.  

As I stand before you all at CWF meetings, my heart is full of humility and honor. Thank you.

Let’s continue to all work together for CWF.


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