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In all honesty I was overwhelmed with the responsibility of choosing just one well-deserving non-profit in our area to be “THE” President’s Charity for Coastal Women’s Forum. Truthfully, there are many organizations that garnered my attention.

When I began to focus on the President’s theme for the year, Embracing Empowerment Together, and non-profits that would fit with it well, it became clear that Tried By Fire, Inc. would be the focus for CWF this year. Tried By Fire is an outreach ministry with the goal of helping women to start over post-incarceration.

As I review the Thankful Lists from our network activities in November it is clear there is much we have to be thankful for. May we all consider sharing our financial and emotional resources, and perhaps our specific skills, with the women who will be served by Tried By Fire.

As we go into this season of gratefulness and generosity, my hope is that we will want to be there for these wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, and friends as they work to get their lives back together. We as individuals and collectively as Coastal Women’s Forum will work to empower these women – helping them to see the absolute best in themselves.

Gratefully yours, Kelly


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