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President's Message

Eileen Nonemaker


Stuff Happens

As I was preparing my last newsletter as President of CWF, I couldn’t help but think back to last year when I stepped into this leadership role. Both Sandy Eichelberger and Jane Maulucci told me I would have an “easy year” … the 30th Anniversary was past and life would be good! I promise not to say that to CWF Vice President Lee McDonough, to avoid jinxing her, as no year is an “easy year” simply because stuff happens!

This past year, Hurricane Florence happened leaving many of us without our homes and many still working to fix them up and get back to normal. But with Florence came resiliency, comradery, generosity, empathy, and understanding. These are the situations that build character and, as trite as that sounds, we know it’s true.

I was reminded this winter that we often take our health for granted when two CWF stalwarts, Sandy Eichelberger and Penny Zibula, had unexpected health issues that took everyone by surprise. Again, due to the incredible support of their husbands, friends, family, and CWF Sisters both ladies are home and making progress toward recovery. We know women are strong, but these two are our role models for the expression “against all odds.”

When stuff happens, it throws us off our game, disrupts our daily routine and causes stress. We know that the loss of a family member or spouse is life changing, even traumatic. With support, we get through it. We may not like these changes, and as difficult as it is, we learn to accept the stuff that happens and move forward.

And you know…positive stuff happens too! Books are published, businesses are launched, retirement starts, and friendships are forged.  While we may strive and prepare for these good things we still need to adjust. The surprise good stuff, like an acquaintance who won $70 thousand dollars in the lottery, takes a different type of adjustment!

The theme for this year is “Connect the Dots” and I truly do feel the strength of the connection with my CWF sisters. As I think about this past year and all the stuff that happened, I want to thank all those who participated in our CWF events. There is a wonderful energy that is created during the lunches and dinners that inspires us. You should also know that your support for our Sandy and Penny is much appreciated. We had a wonderful and successful Trade Share event in March – many thanks to the committee and all who participated. I appreciate Lee and my Board members for their support throughout this “interesting” year. I owe a great thanks to Jane Maulucci and MaryAnn Jordan who stepped into the Past President’s role to guide me in some decision making, due to Sandy’s absence.

I look forward to the Hat Social on June 6th and hope to see lots of “dots” before my eyes that evening at our Annual Meeting welcoming Lee McDonough and her new Board of Directors.

See you there!


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