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Coastal Women’s Forum (CWF) welcomes smart, savvy women of all ages, interests and abilities - women like you. We invite you to join us at our monthly lunch and dinner meetings, and take advantage of being a CWF member. 

Coastal Women's Forum Membership includes:

  • Meetings that fit your busy schedule
  • Business, professional, and volunteer networking opportunities
  • Informative and entertaining speakers
  • Opportunities to promote your passion
  • Career and self-development
  • Access to the support, knowledge, and experience of your fellow CWF members
  • Encouragement from women who have been there and done that
  • Your chance to give back and support other women in our community

CWF Members are women who own businesses, or are following careers in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Other members are blissfully enjoying retirement or raising families. Some are new to New Bern and are seeking ways to establish themselves within the community. They are all energetically involved in pursuing their personal passions and often committed volunteers for the benefit of the community.

Become a CWF member and share our mission of Networking, Education and Encouragement. Browse the website and understand who we are and what we are all about. But the best way for you to know us is to meet us in person. Sign up to attend a luncheon or dinner and meet the dynamic women of our thriving and constantly growing group. We’ve saved you a seat! For information on how to join CWF, click here

President's Message -
August 2017
Sandy Eichelberger

Learning From Nature

What better way to spend a sultry summer afternoon than sipping ice tea and relaxing on the deck with friends, watching vines with their tendrils attaching themselves to railings and other plants.  Those small vines know they need the support of those plants and railings to help them survive and flourish.  The simplicity and beauty of this message from nature applies to all of us. We need the help and support of others in order to grow.

It often takes courage to reach out for assistance. Sometimes we look to a close friend who is always there to offer the exact amount of wisdom and strength we need.  Sometimes we reach out to an experienced professional in a particular field who can give us sound advice and encouragement.  How wise those ever-reaching little vines are!.

So what does your CWF membership mean to you? Is it a social evening or afternoon out? Is it the speakers who bring their knowledge and experiences to our membership? Or like the little vine, do we need to reach out for support to help us grow?

We are a group of diverse, talented women with many abilities to help support and mentor other members.  Do we have the strength to reach out?   If not, why not?  Do we ever ask ourselves what’s keeping “our tendrils” from reaching out for the strength to grow?

Your CWF Board is dedicated to making sure that your membership works for you, and your membership works best if you reach out to your Board and your CWF sisters.  If you feel a little lost when you first enter the room at any of our events, look for a Board member - easily identifiable by the ribbons on our badges - and introduce yourself to us. Our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable. We’ll help you ease into a conversation with other members. Once you’ve achieved a level of comfort, you will have the confidence to reach out for the information and support you need. This is how we all get the most out of our membership.

We hope you will join us for our dinner meeting at The Chelsea on August 1st and lunch at the New Bern Golf and Country Club on August 16th.  Welcome back your sisters and hear more about our plans for our 30th Anniversary.

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For only $40 per year, you can receive all the benefits of being a member of Coastal Women's Forum.  In addition to the networking and education opportunities CWF provides to all guests, members receive a $5 discount on the price of meals, have access to members-only content areas of the website, and can promote their business or cause for free at CWF events and in the CWF newsletter.  Join today!

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