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President's Message: The Quest to Make Ourselves Better

September 2020

As you look to the month of September, also known as Self-Improvement Month, take some time to think of As you look to the month of September, also known as Self-Improvement Month, take some time to think of ways that you can improve yourself or what you’ve accomplished this year. We all know that there is always room for self-improvement. 

Here are a few self-improvement ideas:  

Start a new fitness program –You can find lots of free exercise programs on YouTube.

Read a book – Books can let you escape or be a great source of insight and wisdom. 

Get out of your comfort zone – Learn something new! Thepossibilitiesare endless!

Put down the phone – Sometimes we give too much of our attention to social media and neglect the relationships that are the most important parts of our lives.

Dispose of any negative energy ASAP!

Wake up early – Waking up early can have positive effects on your productivity and quality of life.

Quit a bad habit – Whether it’s nail biting, smoking, or whatever it may be, try giving up one bad habit. 

Try a new recipe!

Speaking of trying a new recipe, how would you like to contribute to our “CWF Quarantine Recipes” e-book?  I’m sure many of us have done a lot of home cooking during the Pandemic. Why not share one of your favorite recipes with your fellow sisters at CWF?  Perhaps you’ve found a new recipe or have an old standby you’d like to share. Is it a decadent dessert, a savory dinner, a quick lunch idea, or a refreshing smoothie? Perhaps you have a new favorite cocktail?

Please send your recipes to by October 31st (include photos if you have them). Think of the possibilities of trying a new recipe or two! Recipes will be compiled into our e-book and linked on the CWF website.

We have confirmed our next virtual meeting scheduled for the evening of September 1st.  The meeting will start promptly at 5:30 pm. Please join us as we welcome our guest speaker, Judy Pierce from CarolinaEast Health System.  

Until we meet again, please continue to stay safe and healthy!

All my best,


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CWF Members are women who own businesses, or are following careers in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Other members are blissfully enjoying retirement or raising families. Some are new to New Bern and are seeking ways to establish themselves within the community. They are all energetically involved in pursuing their personal passions and often committed volunteers for the benefit of the community.

Become a CWF member and share our mission of Networking, Education and Encouragement. Browse the website and understand who we are and what we are all about. But the best way for you to know us is to meet us in person. Sign up to attend a luncheon or dinner and meet the dynamic women of our thriving and constantly growing group.

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