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    Hang On to Your Pearls!  You will not want to miss our September speakers talking about MOTIVATION! 

    September 2017 Newsletter

    President's Message

    Sandy Eichelberger 


    Are you sprinting into September with the glee and energy of a cheerleader on the football field? Do you feel September can’t come fast enough, as you anticipate the start of school, the joy of getting back to your activity routine, the fall TV line-up and of course, football? Or do you feel as if you’re being dragged back to shore, kicking and screaming, thru every last grain of summer sand? Are you lamenting your inability to complete all the things you had planned for this summer, because you simply ran out of time, and didn’t take that one last trip of the season? And now you realize those family members you meant to visit are all back to their routines as well.


    While it may be a bit painful to contemplate the end of summer, the seasons invariably rotate. So, no matter how you adjust to the transition from those lazy days of summer to your September routines, it’s a significant change. Those pesky alarm clocks go off a lot earlier. The sun sets far too soon. Family schedules fill up with school activities. In general, life throws the switch on a more active mode.


    Abrupt change has the all-to-real potential of landing us in a world of stress and hair pulling.  How do we CWF women prepare, and bring a sense of calm into our hectic lives!!!?  Our September programs are here to help.  Why not spend some time with CWF as we shift our focus from laid-back summer to busy September! Our September dinner program is all about how we find the motivation for change and better yet - how we keep it going.  Brooke White, owner of Sound Fitness, brings her enthusiasm and knowledge to help us do just that.  And our September lunch speaker, Pat Sordill, founder and President of Sordill Consulting, will teach us ways to manage those disruptive little stressors in our lives. 


    As the song says (for those of you who know and remember it), "See you in September".   


    Share Your Pearls of Wisdom with CWF

    This year, CWF is celebrating 30 years of bringing New Bern Area women together for networking, education and encouragement, and we want you to participate!

    The pearl symbolizes a 30th anniversary, so we have chosen Pearls of Wisdom as our theme. What do we need from you? Your personal Pearls of Wisdom, of course.

    When you attend a CWF meeting a Pearls of Wisdom jar will be available, along with forms ready for you to complete. Write down your Pearl of Wisdom, and drop it into the jar. You can contribute one pearl, or an entire string throughout the year: a favorite quote, a life lesson you want to share with your CWF sisters and/or the title  and author of a book that has impacted your life.

    Whether you are a brand new CWF member, have been with us from the beginning, or joined us somewhere in between, we invite and encourage you to participate in filling our jar with your priceless Pearls of Wisdom.

    Each month we will share!  And below are a few “Pearls”…

    • “You can’t pour from an empty cup.  Take care of you!!!”
    • “Go as far as you can see, when you get there, you will see further.”
    • “Never eat more than you can lift.”  (Miss Piggy)
    • “Never leave the house without business cards, lipstick and a smile!”



    September 5th - Dinner at the Chelsea - 5:30pm

    Making Motivation More Meaningful 

    Presented by Brooke White, CSCS, CES

    How is it some people can achieve a task or goal with seemingly unlimited cheerleader enthusiasm and some of us cannot seem to even get started? Much less be excited about it! Join me as we take a look at the SOURCE of all FRUSTRATION in life (no, do not insert your spouse or significant other's name here...) and explore ways to make motivation more meaningful to create lasting changes and achieve your goals!

    Brooke is the owner of Sound Fitness and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist. 

    September 20th - Lunch at the New Bern Golf & CC - 11:30am

    Understanding Stress

    Presented by Pat Sordill

    We all have stress, but some of us deal with it better than others.  Pat Sordill will help us understand the nature of stress and identify its causes.  We will learn to define stress management, understand the things we can and cannot control, and what we must accept.  Pat will share some current strategies that work and help us create new habits to stay in control and achieve balance, as well as share how setting goals can improve our stress management.

    Pat is the founder and president of Sordill Consulting, where she's worked with the private and public sectors since 1985!



    Dinner Dessert Sponsor

    Mary Ann Jordan, owner of Bear Essentials, is being the best grandmother ever by feeding us sweets!  Make sure to stop by her shop in the Kress Building on Middle Street.  You'll find an eclectic collection of every day life essentials and unique gifts.  Open Monday thru Saturday, 10am-5pm.

    If you can't stop by check her out online at


     Lunch Dessert Sponsor

    Two happily retired educators – Janet Routier, middle school and Susan Pittman, college level – are pleased to be your dessert sponsors for the September Lunch.  Janet and Susan enjoy being able to volunteer within the community.




    You can be a Dessert Sponsor, too!  For just $30 you and your organization get a thank you in the event invitation, a spotlight announcement at the event you sponsor, and our sincere appreciation.  Reservations for lunch and dinner dessert sponsors are now being accepted.

    Send your email request to stating your preference of the month, and lunch or dinner, as well as a brief one-liner about your business for the newsletter.  Remember to also include your headshot or your company logo.  You may also offer a second month choice, however you may only reserve one slot on the calendar. 



    Hello! My name is...

    CWF is a networking group that is committed to serving its members. We love to have our members bring visitors and guests to attend our meetings. To get them into the swing of things we give visitors and guests a nametag and not more than :30 seconds to introduce themselves at the beginning of the meeting. That brief introduction should include their name, organization, where they are from, and how they found CWF.  For instance: “Hello, I’m Ruth Bader Ginsberg, for the past 24 years I’ve served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, I live in D.C. I’m just visiting New Bern and CWF thanks to my friend Elizabeth Wood.” THAT’S IT! That’s all a visitor needs to say and she will receive a round of applause. Please, give your visitors and guests a heads up so that they can be prepared to be properly welcomed.

    Member Benefits

    As a member of the CWF you have certain privileges at our events. First of all, you can order a spiffy nametag (to order yours click  HERE)  to show you are firmly affiliated with our group and so everyone knows your name. Next you get to put your marketing materials on the promo table (just be sure to pick them up after the meeting) and you also get the Member Minute to promote your event or organization at the end of our meetings. 

    Check with your tax authority, but it could mean that every luncheon and dinner you attend is a write off for promotional purposes, provided that you find some way to promote yourself. And, while they are limited, you can be a dessert sponsor for just $30 at lunch or dinner. Membership has it benefits. You, of course, are already using the online directory, have a stellar profile – with a current picture, and have frequently submitted your 150 word blurb for the newsletter that goes to over 300 women in New Bern. Good! Now you’re taking advantage of all the CWF Member Benefits!

    UH, no...

    In August we demonstrated some of the best and worst of networking skills at our meetings. In case you missed it, in a nutshell here is what you should be doing. BE WELCOMING – sit with people you haven’t met yet or don’t know very well. Let your regular buds spread out among the group so that the next time you’re together you can discuss the exciting new people you met. Saving seats is the complete opposite of networking.

    Good networkers PAY ATTENTION to the people they are speaking with. They make eye contact, ask questions, and respond with complete sentences to inquiries. When meeting someone new to the group, or new to you, think of other people in our organization that they should meet and make the introduction.  The best networkers set a goal of talking to 3-5 people that they aren’t well acquainted with at every event.

    And as another point of etiquette, turn your phone off and be quiet once the speakers start. No matter how quietly you think you are talking EVERYONE can hear you and it is disruptive to the audience. You certainly don’t want to be remembered as “...that rude woman.”


    NEW MEMBERS! Our membership has grown by 15 just 6 weeks into the New Year! Be sure to say hello and give a warm welcome when you spot these new faces at our next meeting!

    - Lydia Ash

    - Dar Bellissimo, Capital Avenues

    - Michelle Benko, Rodan+Fields

    - Georgia Bowman Bircher, Edward Jones

    - Denise Cummings

    - Cassie Digby, Keller Williams

    - Beth Hardy, Cruise the Neuse

    - Katherine Ingram-Roebuck, Keller Williams

    - Janet Lamb, Century 21 Zaytoun-Raines

    - Jeanne Lloyd, Blush Boutique

    - Candice Parker, Coastal Women’s Shelter

    - Katy Pugh, Healthy Hanna Health Coaching

    - Connie Russell, Wells Fargo Advisors

    - Sandi Sanderson, Neuromuscular Disease Support Organization

    - Paula Valinoti, Paula Valinoti Photography



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    Elise A. Medenbach, LMBT Massage Therapy

    Glenburnie Professional Center

    1425 South Glenburnie Road, Suite 6

    New Bern, NC  28560

    252 474-6118


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    Laura Gorham, Ruby Ribbon Stylist and Fit Specialist   252-266-4422


    Christmas is coming, so why not check at least one item off your "to do" list now?!  Tryon Civitan Club is selling poinsettias now for pick-up on December 2.  Poinsettias are offered in red, white, pink or red glitter in 6.5 inch pots wrapped in gold foil for only $12 per plant. Proceeds of this sale will benefit several local charities.  These poinsettias make great gifts for neighbors, co-workers and customers and they are also great for your own home or office decorating.  For more information or to place your order, please contact Leigh Wilkinson at or 252-672-5482.



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    Safe Solutions for Healthy Families

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    Mary Ellen Crisp, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant



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    You’re smart. You’re motivated. You know how to get the job done. But deep down, you know you’re not reaching your fullest potential. How can you break the “good enough” cycle and start leading an inspiring, fulfilling life?

    The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment is your starting point. The ELI is an evidence-based assessment tool that examines how your energy presents during normal times and during times of stress. The ELI gives you greater clarity, insight, and inspiration as you develop a better awareness of how your unique energy profile influences your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

    The assessment includes a two-hour comprehensive debrief session, during which you’ll learn about the seven levels of energy and how each level shows up in your life. Together, we’ll create your personal success strategy, and you’ll learn how to shift your energy to reach your goals. 

    Contact Lee McDonough at Caravel Coaching (


    New Bern Toastmasters is delighted to announce our upcoming Open House on September 18, 2017 at 6:00 pm (light refreshments), meeting starts at 6:30 pm, located at Keller Williams offices, 1320 McCarthy Blvd, New Bern 28562.  If you want to develop communication and leadership skills in a supportive and positive environment, come check us out!  Enjoy the company of an exciting diverse group of people while benefiting from greater self-confidence and personal growth. 

    New Bern Toastmasters wants to help you become a better leader and a more confident public speaker.  Join us for information, a little fun and laughter, and light refreshments.  We look forward to seeing you at the Open House! Guests welcome every Monday evening. For more information contact Heather Noto  (252) 259-8209 or Karen Monroe (757) 343-4312


    101 Reasons you may need fast and affordable legal advice for your small and/or home based business.  Call me to discuss how we can protect your family and business.  Karen Monroe, Independent Associate (757) 343-4312


    Pet Sitting / Dog Walking

    Pets are talking!

    Tess loves her early morning walks.

    Penny loves an afternoon outing to discover new sights, sounds, and smells.

    Once shy Missy now leaps joyfully when we put on her leash for her midday stroll.

    Twinkie, Kit Kat and Oscar love kitty treats and attention while their parents are away.

    Crockett’s Critter Care serves New Bern pets with kindness, care and compassion. Our pet sitters and dog walkers are trained in pet first aid and CPR and use Fear Free methods to ensure that your pet has a pleasant experience. If you are looking for a professional dog walker or pet sitter, contact Crockett’s Critter Care at or call (252) 635-2655.

    Your pet will be glad you did. Happy Pet, Happy Home!


    Pardon me, would you mind helping me get the word out? 

    We are looking for that just right team player to work with us Monday thru Friday, 9-4, to ensure we continue to provide exceptional service!

    This guy or gal needs to be great with client service, a go getter, with an overall positive, let's get the job done attitude.  We are in a professional environment, so this person need to carry and present themselves in a professional manner as well.  This could be the start to a great career with a Fortune 500 company!  If you know that just right person, please encourage them to send a resume my way!  They are welcome to drop it off in person at, 3515 Trent Road, Ste 7.

    Thank You!


    “How Do Others Run Their Brains and Make Decisions?” Learning Good Communication Skills to Thrive, not Just Survive.

    Please join me on Wednesday, September 27th for an interactive workshop on communication skills to be held at the New Berm Chamber offices on South Front Street from 8 – 9:00 AM. 

    Explore how you can develop rapport with others and enhance your own business and personal communication skills for greater success.

    For more information or to register, contact Eileen Nonemaker at or 443-988-8075.

    Eileen is a certified business coach working with individuals and organizations to help them achieve success and balance.


    Perfect Your Pitch - Non-Profits

    To attract support for your organization, you must be able to clearly communicate what you do, why you do it, and who you serve.  And, you must captivate your audience so they want to become involved.   Perfect Your Pitch – Non-Profit is specifically designed for non-profit organizations to help you hone and deliver an authentic message that connects and resonates with your donors, board members, volunteers, and customers/clients. 

    During this fast-paced interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to clearly define and communicate your message, how to integrate stories that will move people to act, and how to develop and refine your presentation skills to make your message positively memorable.   Join us Thursday, October 5 & 12, from 6-8:30 pm.  Bricolage, Heather Noto (Brink Strategy) and Jane Maulucci (The Reactive Voice), will show you how to build and deliver a winning pitch for your audience. Fee is $125, limited to 8 participants. 

    Remember to submit your 150 word blurb to

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CWF Newsletters

“Nothing happens until someone sells something.”

~Attributed to Henry Ford

President's Message

Nelda Coats

Charting a New Course!

Like it or not, no matter what your title is, you’re selling something. Some of us are literally selling services or goods. Others may be promoting a non-profit and encouraging people to donate or volunteer. No matter what your role is within an organization, good customer service is vital to keep people coming back. An essential part of growing a business or non-profit is attracting new customers, volunteers and donors. The first word in Coastal Women’s Forum’s tagline is “Networking”. Whether you joined CWF to specifically find new customers or just to meet new women, networking describes how this is done.

I have belonged to many networking organizations during my career – from loose groups who met for breakfast once a month to more formal weekly networking groups such as BNI (Business Networking International). With formal groups, there is a stated structure and exact procedures to follow to get to know other members of the group and to provide referrals to each other. Referrals given and received are tracked, tallied and reported on. While this is not emphasized within CWF, I think we can learn some lessons from these groups on how to network.

First and foremost, we all are a center of influence. We have friends, families, and co-workers that we interact with daily. When we are asked for advice or recommendations for service, who do we recommend? Generally, someone whose service we have used or someone we know who performs that service. As members of Coastal Women’s Forum, we have at our fingertips over 120 women who are resources for many goods and services and represent non-profit organizations. Aside from just checking the directory, how do we confidently recommend our sisters?

There’s another old saying in sales that folks have to “know you, like you and trust you.” And it begins with “know you.” I would like to encourage you to get to know your fellow members in CWF beyond sitting together at our daytime and evening meetings. In BNI we were expected to participate in “one-on-one’s”. These were meetings outside the group meetings between two members. We even had suggested questions to ask each other to facilitate learning all about each other and our businesses. What could happen if you made a commitment to ask one person to coffee that you met at CWF? What if you met with one person a month? At the least you’d learn more about each other, you might even gain some new business, or even better, you may make a new friend.

In January, our program coordinators have designed our meetings around Getting to Know You so that you will have an opportunity to learn more about your CWF sisters. Besides being a lot of fun, we’ll learn more about each other and I encourage you to be on the lookout for someone that you just might want to get to know a bit better!

Let’s have coffee,

Upcoming Events


As Coastal Women’s Forum continues Charting a New Course, we’ll start the new year by getting to know our sister travelers!

Coastal Women’s Forum will celebrate 2022 with Getting to Know You networking programs in January. We have welcomed several new members this program year and many of our members have embarked on new paths since they joined the Forum. The January daytime and evening meetings will feature different networking activities and provide the opportunity to get to know our Coastal Women’s Forum sisters a little better. 

Please plan to join in these fun celebrations. The meetings will also be great opportunities to welcome guests and introduce them to our wonderful Coastal Women’s Forum sisters! We look forward to seeing you in January for the beginning of a great 2022!

Dessert Sponsors

"Miss Julia' Hart

RE/MAX Homestead



Thank you to our January Evening Meeting Dessert Sponsor, "Miss Julia" Hart, of RE/MAX Homestead.



Thank you to our January Daytime Meeting Dessert Sponsor, Georgiana Bowman Bircher, of Edward Jones!

Georgiana Bowman Bircher

Edward Jones

Updated Meal Cancellation Policy 

  • If you made a reservation and cannot attend, please CANCEL your reservation for either evening or daytime meetings.
  • Cancellations for monthly evening meetings should be no later than noon on the Sunday before the evening meeting. Email
  • Cancellations for monthly daytime meetings should be made no later than noon on the Monday before the lunch meeting. Email
  • If cancellations are not received by these deadlines, you will be responsible to cover the cost of your meal.
  • Please note the difference in emails.
  • While masks are not required, their use is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

Thank you, all!


Welcome New Members:

Shannon Adcock - United Bank

Anne Griggs - The French Bee Events

Christina Howerin - Farmasi & Park Lane Jewelry

Eileen Paxton

Margaret Pollock - Christ Church, New Bern

Member News


Wishing you a Winter Wonderland this Christmas Season!

All the Best,

Elise A. Medenbach, LMBT #327 Massage Therapy

Tyson Professional Center

1425 South Glenburnie Road, Suite 6

New Bern, NC 28560

252 474-6118

Martha Smith Massaad

Become healthier with your product choices for your home & body. When you take care of YOU; it helps the environment. When you help the environment; it helps YOU.

Find out about ingredients....some are really bad. I help busy professionals become more responsible for their self-care and health by teaching them about their lifestyle choices and the impact it has on their health. The bonus is when you transform your health, you become more people and planet friendly.

Call Martha at 252.269.5171 for a no obligation review of your pantry, bathroom and kitchen products.

There is one thing that matters & that is YOUR health"

Saha - to your health

Martha Smith Massaad 


Local Authors and Books

  • Nada Behr (Children) - We Want a Dog
  • Kim Rice Smith (Christian Literature) - The Heart of a Warrior
  • A.J. Clements (Historical Fiction) - Avonvale
  • Kyre Smith (Personal Development) - Unpopular Beliefs: Everyday Issues
  • Mellanie Crouell (Neo Soul) - 25 Days of Roses
  • Stanley Trice ( Young Adult Sci-Fi) - High School Rocket Science
  • Les Pendleton (Fiction) - The Bridges at Union Point
  • Todd Wetherington (Short Stories) - Savages
  • John Scirica (Murder/Thriller/ESP) - Deadly Dreams
  • Candace Williams (Japanese Historical) - The Earthquake Doll

Have lunch with an author!

Learn about their book as they speak for a few minutes. Autographed copies of the books will be available for purchase.

Proceeds to benefit STEM Scholarships at Craven Community College.

Local Authors Luncheon


January 15, 2022,

at 11:30 AM


The Chelsea Restaurant

sponsored by:

$30 ticket

($12 tax deductible)

Tickets available at the Next Chapter Book & Art Store (Downtown New Bern) or by calling (252) 637-9499 or (252) 633-1931.


Remember to submit your 150 word blurb to along with a jpeg or png image by the 10th of the month for the next newsletter.

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